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Spania, Villa Dorothea - Leadership workshop with mental training and yoga

Dato: 20 - 27 juli 2019
Pris: 11 900,-
  • Lectures and practical oriented teaching, two sessions a day.
  • Networking and sharing of experience with likeminded.
  • Three sessions of yoga and/or meditation a day.
  • All yoga equipment to disposal.
  • Self-reflection and recreation by the poolside every day.
  • Bicycles for free rent.
  • Three delicious vegetarian meals that is ecological plant based and juices.
  • Enjoyment of coffee, tea, water, and fresh fruit during the whole day.
  • 7 nights accommodation in bright and spacious shared double room
  • Bathrobe and towels
  • Guarantee RGF
    Not included:
    The travel to Villa Dorothea and the transfer from Alicante airport
    Single suplement
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Explore and cultivate a positive energy and enthusiasm in your leadership

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? In this workshop, you will learn how to lead yourself and others with a mental presence and authenticity to achieve peak performance. You will learn the fundamentals of human needs and belief structures that we all seek to fulfill, that guides and drives our decisions, behavior, and relations to others – in the spirit of the philosophy by Life Coach Tony Robbins. You will experience how the practice of yoga and mindfulness can bring about self-awareness and acceptance of yourself, and guide you through sustainable transformation. You will learn a yoga practice that have both an immediate and long-term effect to foster positive energy and enthusiasm, to calm and focus the mind - by practicing yoga and meditation that is scientific proven to change the structure of your brain.

About the workshop

Welcome to a leadership development workshop with the goal to find the authentic leader you are meant to be to take your leadership skills to the next level. During this week, you will transform and enhance self-awareness and acceptance of the needs, beliefs and motivations that underlie your actions and decisions and that influence your interactions with others. This insight will liberate and develop the potential and power of practicing leadership at a higher level of consciousness.

In order to be focused, calm and balanced in this transition and to ensure sustainable transformation, you will learn how yoga has an immediate and long-term effect to create awareness and change. Yoga contributes to mental and emotional insight and recreation, and promotes balance and stamina in the hormone and nervous system. With slow and controlled exercises, we use the breath as a vital force to improve your physical and mental energy.

This workshop is directed towards women and men that are in leader positions, has a decision-making role, working with human resource, business owners, entrepreneurs, and for those that hold similar responsibility or are on the career path towards such responsibilities. We warmly welcome you to the beautiful and harmonious Villa Dorothea in Orcheta, Spain. In addition to leadership development, yoga and meditation, you can enjoy sunny afternoons at the saltwater pool or on the beach at VillaJoyosa. Three unforgettable vegetarian meals are served daily with delicious fresh juices.

Leadership development

Good leadership begins with self-management. In this role you are expected to achieve high performance with good results in the pursuit of constant improvement. In order to meet these expectations, you must first have insight into your own convictions and understanding of the motivations that underpin your actions and decisions and how you interact with others. This insight can only be revealed by taking a deep dive into yourself to create better self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is achieved by understanding your own constraints and fixed mindset that you once decided to be the truth.

Through lectures and practical oriented teaching, you will learn how your fundamental human needs, belief structures and mindset affect all the small and big actions and choices you take in your daily work-life and in the way you practice your leadership. We focus on themes such as the six human needs, our fundamental belief structure, how to develop a growth mindset and how we can meet others with a greater understanding. Understanding of how to create long-term changes will therefore also be an important topic of the course. With insight into the self, you can improve performance and lead others with greater awareness and attention. A particularly important tool we use to achieve such a metacognition about self is various forms of yoga and meditation that invite to an open the mind and heart.

Yoga and meditation

Science is beginning to experience old wisdom, and today science shows what Yogis always knew: silence, attention, inner reflection and tranquility through yoga practice contribute to better well-being and improved performance in all areas of life. Yoga and meditation gives us the opportunity to go back to the whole more gracefully. Yoga teaches you to stand in contradictions that you often encounter in the leadership role, and most importantly to stand with yourself. Through various yoga exercises you will create a deeper connection and intimacy with yourself and in relationships with others.

Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce stress, calm down nervous system, improve overall health and well-being, as well as boost energy. Areas that become important to take care of in a role that requires a lot of time and attention with expectations of high pace and delivery. Yoga can also improve conditions due to lack of energy, depression, poor body image and low self-esteem. Furthermore, it is proven that yoga improves sleep quality, improves mood, improves sex life and modulates stress response. Yoga keeps you flexible, in both your mind and body, and this can allow you to be more open and less judgmental to yourself and others.

This course is suitable for you that are an entrepreneur, who is a leader of an organization, which has a function with responsibility and authority, which is a key decision maker, or for you that in the long run will enter such leadership roles. The course is open for both men and women.

Link to the hotel

Essential knowledge and skill developed:

• Deep insight to your fundamental needs and belief structures that guides your actions and decisions.
• Greater self-awareness and authenticity.
• Identify and break your negative patterns that is limiting you to achieve peak performance.
• Understanding other people’s needs and convictions to improve your interpersonal relations and communication.
• Understanding how to develop a growth mindset and sustainable transitions.
• Tools for effective leadership to bring out the highest potential of your team.
• Expanding your leadership skills and capacity to lead others.
• Insight to how yoga and meditation can foster positive energy and enthusiasm, and bring a calm and focused mind.
• Experience how yoga and meditation make you stand in contradictions, and to stand with yourself.
• Experience how yoga and meditation create a deeper connection and intimacy with yourself and in relationships with others.

What's included?

• Lectures and practical oriented teaching, two sessions a day.
• Networking and sharing of experience with likeminded.
• Three sessions of yoga and/or meditation a day.
• All yoga equipment to disposal.
• Self-reflection and recreation by the poolside every day.
• Bicycles for free rent.
• Three delicious vegetarian meals that is ecological plant based, served with homemade juices.
• Enjoyment of coffee, tea, mountain spring water, and fresh fruit during the whole day.
• 7 nights accommodation in bright and spacious shared double room with two seperate beds.
• Bathrobe and towels.

The price is not including flight and transportation between the airport and Villa Dorothea. Jomfrureiser can assist you in booking the right flight to the best price. If you desire to add some extra days in Alicante before or after the workshop, Jomfrureiser can also assist in booking hotels for the exstra days. You will get information about transportation between the airport and Villa Dorothea in advance of the workshop.

If you would like a single bedroom, this may be offered at an additional charge.

Please note these speisal rules for the booking of our retreat at Villa Dorothea. In case of cancellation less than seven weeks before the course starts the organizer keeps 9000 NOK to cover losses due to cancellation. Cancellation less than 5 working days prior to the workshop or in case of non-show, no fee will be refunded.

Good to know and tips:

* Yoga mat, pillows and blankets are already at your disposal at the villa.

* Slippers may be good to bring.

* Comfortable clothes, no business clothes!

* If you like walking/hiking, bring good shoes.

* Swimsuit or bikini to enjoy the saltwater pool.

* Bring your passport:)

* There is no place to exchange money at the retreat, you can pay with creditcard.

* Flight from your hometown to Alicante is not included (closest airport to Villa Dorothea)

The week at Villa Dorothea.

Check-in at Villa Dorothea takes place after 4:00pm on Saturday. We do not have access to the villa before 4:00pm when other retreats are in progress. There is no formal program on the day of arrival, but dinner is served at 6:00pm. Arriving early on the 20th, you can take a ride from the airport to the small coastal village of Villajoyosa, which has a beautiful beach and a lovely beach promenade. There is also a hotel right next to the beach, which we cooperate with if you wish to come one or more days earlier or stay longer afterwards. You can get hotel tips via Villa Dorothea Retreat. From Villajoyosa it is 10-12 min by taxi up to Villa Dorothea Retreat. You will also take a taxi from Villajoyosa when Villa Dorothea opens the check-in. Taxi costs € 15 if you use the taxi company we work with. Otherwise it costs € 20.

Saturday the 27th of July is the day of departure. We start with a morning yoga before a delicious breakfast, check-out must take place no later than. 10:00am.

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Om Villa Dorothea

Slik bor vi i Spania

Villa Dorothea er et stort vakkert sted, på hele 800 kvm. Eiendommen har en flott utsikt over omkring-liggende områder og har et deilig, usjenert saltvannsbasseng og 136 vakre statuer. Her er det flere små koselige plasser du kan trekke deg tilbake om du ønsker mer ro og tid for refleksjon, men også steder vi samles for sosial hygge. Stedet er nydelig dekorert med lekre lysekroner og flotte veggdekorasjoner, pluss at yogasalen er stor og majestetisk. Huset er delt inn i 4 deler. Vi bor på denne eksklusive retreaten Villa Dorothea, Orchia, som ligger nord for Alicante. Det tar ca 40 minutter med bil fra flyplassen, mens Middelhavet og stranden ligger ca 12 minutter unna med bil. Villa Dorothea er omgitt av fjell og stillhet, og det finnes sykler og el-sykler til utlån. Villa Dorothea Retreat er et sted du kan finne fred og ro. Det aller beste er at vi har hele stedet for oss selv!


Vakre og luftige soverom med gode madrasser, norske dyner og puter. Alle soverom har franske dører ut til enten egen balkong eller ut mot havet. 
Du bor i utgangspunktet på dobbeltrom med en annen person, men reiser du sammen med noen plasseres dere på samme rom. Vi har mange trivelige kunder som er påmeldt og som gjerne deler rom (av samme kjønn).

Our leaders and the program

About the teachers:

The teachers hold extensive experience and advanced knowledge about leadership, yoga and meditation, and how the intersection between these disciplines can create deeper self-awareness and sustainable transitions. The workshop is held in Scandinavian language, but if there are participants who do not master Scandinavian, we use English but will adapted to Scandinavian if necessary. Many of the practical sessions will occur in smaller groups, where we will take into consideration language skills of the participants.

June Borge Doornich. Associate Professor in Strategy and Control, RMT Coach.

June Borge Doornich holds a PhD in Business Administration and works as Associate Professor in Strategy and Control. She has several years of experience with teaching and conducting research in the fields’ strategic management and management control. She holds extensive experience in the leader role. She recently created a new exciting company in collaboration with several partners, Zest Life Lab, which offers coaching and yoga. Doornich is a Certified RMT Coach through Robbins-Madane Training with the Teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha. She is also under education in MediYoga.

Helen Miller Lynch    Educational Director MediYoga USA.

Helen Miller Lynch Education Director at MediYoga USA, Trains and certifies Health Professionals in the United States for further Integration in Clinical Treatments. Helen Miller Lynch has several years of experience in teaching and conducting research within MediYoga, where she has received financial research supported by Dignity Health and the Kern Behavioral & Recovery service in California. She provides education in Stress and Burnout, retreats and individual therapeutic yoga consultations. Registered Yoga Therapist 500hr, educated GongYoga therapist and teacher, Kundalini yoga teacher. She is also undergoing education in energy medicine by Donna Karen. Collaboration with Zest Life Lab and MediYoga International.

Timetable: (subject to change)

8:00am - 9:30am Yoga (MediYoga, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra)

9.30am - 10:30am Breakfast

10.30am - 1:30pm Leadership workshop

1:30pm - 2:30pm Lunch

2:30pm - 6:00pm Leisure, rest and reflections

6:00pm - 7:30pm Leadership workshop

7:30pm - 8:45pm Dinner

9:00pm - 9:30pm Evening Meditation and Yoga for restful sleep

On Thursday, it will be time for self-reflection after breakfast and until evening meditation. This day you can go to Altea or Villajoyosa for sightseeing or the beach.

See you on the sunny coast of Spain for an unforgettable week!


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